Lewisville Texas Westin Hotel

South Florida - Petros PACE Finance LLC, a Florida-based commercial real estate lending company, has entered into a $1.5 million loan to finance the renovation of the Lewisville Texas Westin Hotel in Lewisville, Texas. CHG will use the funds to incorporate sustainable design elements into the 152-room hotel, including the use of sustainable materials such as LED lighting, solar panels, wind turbines and solar panels. The hotel has 18 renovated rooms and is located in downtown Lewesville, near Portland International Airport, OR. Petos Pace Finance, LLC completed the first phase of an $8.6 million valuation of the property, financed by a combination of $2.2 million in loans from the Texas Assessor's Office and $4.7 million from South Florida Commercial Real Estate Finance.

The property is home to a number of companies that are driving demand, including Xerox, Kellogg's, SYSCO and others. At Amarillo College, you have everything you need to succeed, including an enthusiastic teacher and staff who are fully committed to helping you achieve your dreams. Cedarville University attracts graduates from all over the United States and Canada, as well as international students from around the world. American culture and the opportunity to meet new people and connect with friends and family.

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More About Lewisville

More About Lewisville